Monday, January 14, 2008

january 14

The "rainy" season is reaching its end and when I come to water the plants at the school the ground is parched and cracked. The native grasses got the most out of it and they are once again lords of the garden.

The building has been painted, the outside blue and white (like my house when I was little, or like houses in Santorini), and the inside is "shades of shade" (our Montessori trainer suggested a palette of colors that go together in nature, so I chose the color of shade under big green trees).

(If you look super close at this picture, you can even see the dove of peace flying over the building. Enough to bring tears to one's eyes...)

Not pictured is the monumental pile of debris that prevented further planting yesterday, and that must someday be carted away to the dump.

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