Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Splendid Season.

We had the first torrential rain storm in Aruba yesterday. Substantial enough to suspend activity and make me take shelter and pause to admire the bounty that the rain is encouraging in our garden.

I had been dreaming of this kind of abundance ever since I moved here from Costa Rica.

Super huge pomelos that mercilessly bend down the tree boughs to the ground.

Tamarindos galore on the branches, ready to be made into delicious murky juice.

Our first papaya! (It is begging for me to erradicate the aphids that have comfortably settled on the plant.)

Tangelos. Never had one, but I'm looking forward to trying it!

This fusillade of shimarukus materialized in about 2 days. It will be a fierce competition to get to them before the birds and iguanas do once they are advertising themselves with bright red. Supposedly, once ripe, just a handful of these berries has enough vitamin C to keep you sick-free until the next season.

The mango and lime trees are blossoming. Come ye bees!

And nestled in the bouganvillea at the entrance of our classroom, bananaquits have decided to start a family. The nest is very fluffy, and put together with all sorts of construction debris.

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