Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After a few nights of unfit sleep due to paranoia regarding the shelf dimensions that I'd given to Yair and Don Roberto before I left for Scandinavia, I procured these pictures of the progress. My measuring is notoriously haphazard and sloppy (I didn't go to Montessori school as a child). I double checked with friends (thanks Jenny and Annie) and can now reclaim my well deserved siesta. The shelves are looking solid and spiffy. I suspect they will fulfill their cosmic task nicely.
Here's Don Roberto, Yair's carpenter buddy, lining up the planks for the next shelf.Stacked up two tier shelves for Practical Life.

The dimensions for these Montessori shelves, for anyone out there with the interest are:
60cm L x 55 cm H x 25 cm W for the two tiered shelves (for the smaller Practical Life)
120 cm L x 65 cm H x 30 cm W for the three tiered shelves (for holding Number Rods and Red Rods in Math and Sensorial Area)
110 cm L x 65 cm H x 25 cm W for three tiered shelves for other general use (more Sensorial, Language, Math, and Practical Life).
And a couple of taller Practical Life shelves to hold buckets and larger trays.


Цвета said...

Thank you very much for the dimensions! I am just at the point - wondering about the dimensions and figuring out how many of each shelves I will need. Do you think 3 for Sensorial,2-3 for Math, 1 for Geography, and 1 for Language besides the metal insets stand, will be OK? Thanks a lot!

Susanne said...


Thank you for your comment. Hm... for our first year of school we were able to manage with fewer shelves, but in our second year (with the full range of materials out) these are the totals we have:

Math: 5 shelves (the longest kind)
Language 4 shelves (one shorter 3 very long ones)(we could still use one more)
Sensorial 3 shelves(1 short but long, 2 long shelves)
Practical Life: 1 small shelf 2 big shelves (could use one more small one)

One geography puzzle map holder
We still need a special bells cabinet or table
One metal insets stand (I love it, it's from Montessori outlet)
And we made our own bead cabinet and hangers for the chains and a small holder for the tens and teen boards.

Hope this helps!


Цвета said...

Thank you for your prompt answer, it will help me figure it out... according to my more limited space :)