Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More classroom views.

Door and furniture varnishing was the topic of concentration of this week. Who would have known varnish was such a fussy substance. Thank you Sayenne and Tamara for the help this week! Together we varnished one million tables and chairs and eight doors.

I managed to put together this nice little metal insets cabinet and it makes the language area irresistible. Who could refuse sitting at this well lit table and chair to trace with sharp bright color pencils?

I couldn't help labeling things with the lovely cursive sandpaper letters. I hadn't yet had the privilege of having a set of these puppies and they are so elegant and curvy. I love them.

The bathroom fixtures are up and functioning now which makes the place much more convenient and useful.

Next in line for beautification: the lunch area.


VeganMama said...

I love your picnic tables...can you tell me where you bought them.

Susanne said...


Thanks for dropping by at my blog. The picnic tables are from an obscure store here in Aruba, I got quite lucky with them. They actually "transform" into benches that adults can sit on- they are foldable! Perhaps if you google foldable picnic tables you will be able to find them...

Good luck!


Susanne said...

I found it! http://www.blair.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=6186&mr:trackingCode=E054D6A4-1FAD-DE11-93DB-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA however, this is the adult version of the table, we have the smaller version that is for children.

Susanne said...

I found a picnic table at Ikea as well that's only 19$- it is smaller than the ones we have in the lunch area though (narrower) and we have it outside. It's lasted a long time. I recommend that too.