Friday, January 23, 2009


In the mornings at school I like to walk around the garden with children as they arrive and notice changes in the environment. Maybe a spider's web that disappeared without a trace, a baby tomato come to life, a bud that has finally opened, a leaf that was a midnight snack for someone. We look at our watermelons, which we are all clueless as to how to identify ripeness, "I think they are bigger", maybe one of the children will say.

The changes in nature vary in scale, some occur in the blink of an eye, and some take seasons. I think the same thing happens with the children in the classroom, they are also in a constant state of transformation. Six months ago, they were all different children to me, that's for sure. Some have undergone several dramatic metamorphoses, and others are simply maturing slowly, almost imperceptively.

I must be changing as well. Perhaps at a slower rate, since they are growing physically and I am growing mostly in age.

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Minervamink said...

This is beautiful. Whenever i feel like I have hit a standstill or that I am not progressing, I look out of the window. I peek at the dust forming on my unread books, the cascade of leaves falling from a tree once in bloom. I see things change around me and I remember that so long as time passes and change occurs I am still living and still growing. That feeling is empowering and freeing. Thanks for this post!