Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Ready. What I've been up to.

No rest for the weary.

After a nice week long sailing course vacation in Brooklin, Maine, a.k.a. the Wooden Boatbuilding Capital of the World, I plunged back into my own version of extreme home makeover (except it was at school, and it really wasn't that extreme.)

We turned our storage closet into a small library. Children will be free to go and work in that quiet little nook surrounded by bright windows and books. I got all of our English books in random garage sales and used book stores during visits to the US. You just can't beat going up to that 12 year old girl at the yard sale who's outgrown some good picture books and having her tell you "You can have all those for two bucks."

I pushed my desk up against the wall and in it's place I got a second hand super sweet teak table and mismatched chairs. I'm feeling like conference time should be
much more like a team meeting than an "I'm the boss in the big chair behind the desk" meeting.

I love swings. It was finally time to get a good set of them at school. Woohoo! Who would like to come to a varnishing party?

I inherited this nice bookshelf from my own home and brought along with it all my parenting/teaching books, Montessori DVDs, and put all of our classroom music on it as well. The clipboard on the shelf means anyone around who is interested can sign up and check them out. If you'd like a list of my titles, I'll trade you for yours.

And the magnus opus of my vacation: the demolition of the wall into the spare room to extend our classroom. Source of the eternal fountain of concrete dust that I've won a war against (MURIATIC ACID- In case you were wondering. Yes, it is the same stuff that Brad Pitt used on Fight Club to tattoo kisses on dudes hands. Apparently it's the only thing that will get rid of concrete dust on tile floors. Beware though. There are many a skull and bones on the bottle.) Our classroom is about 45% larger. So much more of it to love!

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P.S. Montessori said...

You've been busy! Everything looks great! Can't wait to hear about your year once it starts.