Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reef fish and creatures cards- for you!

In preparation for a snorkeling field trip to the beach, we're learning all about the wildlife of the coral reef. This is the first set of cards I'll be presenting, and coming up later will be the types of reefs cards. Mind you, these are pretty specific to the Caribbean and to our region in particular, but I'd guess would still be interesting for any group doing things related to the ocean.


Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

These are beautiful!!

Nara said...

Sigh.....I so miss the Aruban waters

My Boys' Teacher said...

Thank you! Just completed a "dowloadpalooza" from your boxnet files. Those will go well with the ocean mats I made the boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous... Thank you for sharing!

Montessori newbie:) said...

I have just discovered your blog! AMAZING!!! thanks for the lovely ocean nonmenclature cards. I have recently moved from the uk and have been working as a casa teacher on a VERY small carribbean island since sept.I have found it difficult to find resources - particularly for art and projects relevant to the carribbean environment! Most sights have projects about autumn/snow etc which can be quite difficult for the children to grasp. I love your blog. so inspiring! thanks!

Montessori newbie x