Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be good, be happy.

There is simple kind of wisdom...

A six year old at school today dispensed the same wisdom (among other things) that my friend Dan, who is many years my senior, dispenses to me in his letters when he writes:

"Be good, be happy."

These are some of the notes she shared with friends on her last day of school... They are a gift. She shared them with friends. I share them with you.

Be good, be happy.


"This year you are going to be one of the oldest. Be just like me."

"You are the second youngest friend. Behave well."

"This year you are going to be an older friend. Be good."


Abigail Miller said...

Those are so sweet! I can't think of a more perfect gift!

Anonymous said...

these are such beautiful, heartfelt messages, thank you for sharing them.