Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Discovery: lap harp.

This weekend I was at a friend's house and on a shelf she had a rusty old looking dulcimerish type of instrument that had been given to her by her Russian grandfather. A trapezoidal box with 18 strings that looked fairly complicated. When I was little, we used to accompany my mom's piano playing with an auto harp (which is the instrument that June Carter Cash played, I think) and even with our amateurish playing it sounded beautiful. So I was intrigued.

I asked my friend about the thing, and THEN... she showed me how the music score (sheet?) fits in just so under the strings, and it shows you exactly where you have to pluck the strings with a pick to make the music. So easy! Even in it's rusted state, it garnered my applause when she played.

Immediately I thought, this would be a GREAT addition to a Primary music shelf. How to ask her for her family heirloom?! Of course, I didn't ask. But went home and researched and sure enough, there was the lap harp. For sale kind of anywhere (meaning, on Amazon.) And coincidentally later that night, when looking through the Montessori Services catalog, there it was again. Why I failed to notice it before? The exact same one, at a better price than the other places (meaning Amazon), and extra sheets of music also at a better price.

So I ordered one. And I am the person sitting at the desk impatiently tapping my fingers waiting for it to arrive. I can already picture the very musical five year olds playing songs on it. The addition of a string instrument to our percussion and bells and xylophone orchestra will be very very exciting.

I will update on the results.


Amy said...

I would be interested to hear how the 5 year olds do with it. My daughter is 5 and I've considered one before but haven't gotten one yet. I know some schools have one child play it at rest time to create a calming environment. It looks like fun!

Tony Gates said...

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Kerryanne Cummins said...

We have a lap is wondrful! They can play a song almost immediatly! Nothing like positive instant gratification! You and your child will love it, have fun!

April said...

Susanne, I just want to say that I love your blog! I come back to it again and again, as I am currently in my training for the Primary level. On your blog I always find ideas and inspiration, along with a dose of peaceful reflection right when I most need it, it seems! Thank you for the extra work you do on top of your teaching by writing this blog.

Miri said...

Susanne, I am wondering if you have received the lap harp you ordered from the Montessori Services?
Are you satisfied?
I was wondering if it is made by First Note?
I have also noticed from the reviews on Amazon that it is very difficult to keep in tune. How true is it? I wonder what impact it would have on children if they constantly seek for an adult to help them keep it in tune.
Thank you for your help,