Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Peace Day Plans

Tomorrow, to celebrate Peace Day, we will have some special things planned.

On Monday, we sent to parents a package with instructions for how to fold a paper crane a white square paper and a small slip. We asked them to fold the crane at home, hopefully with their child, and decide on a message to write on the slip of paper that is appropriate to Peace Day, then to string the crane and slip together with a needle and thread. Tomorrow morning, as the children get dropped off at school, the parents will hang their homemade cranes along the entrance to the building. I can't wait to see how beautiful our tree lined entrance will look with all the white cranes and positive messages.

When the moment is right, we will gather the children to play a modified version of the Osani Circle Game (pictured above) that a friend emailed me from this website. Our variation will be for the children to pick a friend to sit next to as we "build the circle with our feet touching" and then we will pass a ball of yarn from person to person and talk about how we are all connected.

And if the mood is right, at the end of the day we will offer for children who want to sit in silence together with the sand clock to stay a little longer, "because silence is peaceful."

Do you have any plans for Peace Day? Share in the comments section if you like!

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Susan Fassberg said...

Hi! I'm delighted that you appreciate the Osani circle game and refer people to the posters and cards. Thank you! I'm happy to sell at a discount to teachers... they just have to drop me a note. May i use your in-classroom photo of the kids on my site? (love it!)

And as part of a small world story: i also work at the Greater Good Science Center! We've updated recently, and the HalfFull blog I see you like is now called Raising Happiness and has lots of new material. Check it out!

with best regards,