Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free Classification Cards

I'm making some more sets of reading classification cards for our classroom. Here are some tools cards, and weather cards that you can download. :)


Anonymous said...

Grateful, as always! Now get out there and garden!!!

Laura S. said...

Thanks so much Susanne!

Mel said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing your classification cards. I was wondering, do you usually wait until a child can read to use these? Thanks!

Susanne said...
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Susanne said...

Hi Melissa,

I print out the cards that I've made three times. Two sets are the reading classification cards (one set with labels attached for control of error, and one with labels detached for reading). The third set I cut off the labels and use only the pictures as vocabulary cards. The vocabulary cards are introduced to children as soon as they start the Primary (they use them in infant communities as well). This way, the child is familiar with the names of the cards already for when they can read.