Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free Montessori Phonogram Booklets

Earlier this year I decided that I'd remake our phonogram booklets. I've used the set I made four years ago, but one thing about them was really bohtering me. The booklets I made long ago emphasized practice recognizing the phonograms in the words, so each booklet had about 12 words. What was happening though, was that when children were reading the booklets independently they didn't know what LOTS of the words meant (with "au" for example... audit?, jaunt?, gaunt?, fraud? daunt?). So instead of maximizing words per booklet, I chose fewer words (in the case of some phonograms) but chose words whose meaning could be easily understood by the children. This was especially challenging considering we have many children for whom English is not a first language.

This time, instead of taking them to be spiral bound I will put rings on the booklets. I think this is a more durable binding for such small books. I'll print them on regular white cardstock and make a front and back cover of a much thicker cardstock.

The pdf file for the booklets is here if you'd like to make them too!

The phonograms that we use (as they were taught to me in my training):

ee- as in bee
oo- as in book
th- as in moth
ch- as in chop
sh- as in ship
ou- as in cloud
qu- as in quit
ie- as in pie
oy- as in boy
ar- as in car
au- as in haul
ue- as in blue
er- as in her
or- as in fork
ai- as in mail
oa- as in boat


Annicles said...

Thank you for such a lovely resource.

aimee @ montessori works said...

Thank you! I am remaking mine this summer!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this material. I am teaching my little girl to read (just turned 4) and she loves it. This material will be a great help.