Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free Montessori Word Study Sets

More sharing of the fruits of my summer. Summer? Now a dream of the past.

Part of my material making projects these vacations involved re-making many of the language area materials (which were sorrily incomplete, unmatching to unsightly degrees, and in some cases not really appropriate for emergent readers and children whose first language is not necessarily English.) I was so pleased when I finished making these sets of word study cards. They fit snugly in clear cases, and look so nice and neat on the shelf!

You can have them too! (click)

Here's what I have:

1) Antonyms
2) Names of numbers 1-10
3) Compound words
4) Synonyms
5) Homophones
6) Alphabetizing
7) Gender words
8) Days of the week
9) Months of the year

After printing, laminating and cutting them, I drew small control of error marks behind them. I can't wait for little chubby fingers to be all over these.

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jojoebi-designs said...

thank you for sharing these, I have some but never got round to finishing making the rest!