Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In the past two weeks, there have been some really valuable reminders for me that have come from the MTIPS Mentor Transcripts. The ones that have hit me really hard have had to do with repetition.

Here is what was most useful to me:
*Instead of giving a new lesson spend time with children with lessons they've had- so they don't equate time with you only with new lessons.
*Represent things that are not used properly.
*Extensions and sensorial games ARE repetition.
*When a child gives another child a lesson, that is repetition.
*Observation of another child working is repetition.
*Children observing you give a lesson is repetition. 

Especially the last three points have felt like a great reminder of the expansive definition of "repetition" that is happening all the time in the classroom. This vaster definition has really helped me have a better perspective of the learning that is constantly happening in the environment.

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Sam said...

Good lessons. I sometimes forget that for a child learning is constant and can be presented so many different ways so as to not become boring. I particularly like how other kids are given the chance to be teachers as well. Montessori Grayslake IL