Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Prompts for great conversations with young children


"Let's talk about when we feel mad with our friends."

"Let's talk about when we feel mad with our brothers or sisters at home."

"Let's talk about when we feel scared at night."

"Let's talk about when our moms and dads are angry at each other."

"Let's talk about when we feel like we don't want to come to school."

"Let's talk about when we feel lonely."

"Let's talk about when someone does something hurtful to us."

"Let's talk about when we don't get what we want and we feel disappointed."

Perhaps the best way to disarm difficult feelings is by first welcoming them in and making them a part of our normal conversation. Bringing up the conversation with a prompt like this, and then just taking turns talking, without censoring, without problem solving, without judging, and letting the point of the conversation be to share and be open to listen to and say what we wish. It can be a very powerful opportunity for such young children. 

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