Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Social Emotional Learning Book Club

 Last Saturday we had what I think was my favorite parenting book club that I think I've had since I can remember. We read "Mr. Roger's Parenting Resource Book" over a month and then met for one session over coffee on a Saturday afternoon. I had some questions prepared and I really loved the conversation that ensued. 

1. How familiar were you with the work of Fred Rogers before you read this book? (warm up question)

2. What were your key learnings from the reading?

and then this is where it got interesting:

3. How does your child respond when they are feeling strong emotions like Anger, Fear, Sadness or when they are in physical pain?

4. How do you respond to your child when they have strong emotions such as Anger, Fear, Sadness or when they are in physical pain? 

5.How do you tend to respond to your own strong emotions such as Anger, Fear, Sadness or physical pain?

6. What do you think you role model to your child (unconsciously) in how you respond to both their and your own strong emotions? 

 The conversation was deep and really touched on our own comfort and/or discomfort with our children's and our own emotions. Some of us could see the generational link between our responses and our own upbringing.  I've come some way in my understanding and befriending of my emotions, and meditation training has helped me tremendously with this, and still feel that there's a long road ahead. This is probably the most fertile ground for learning when it comes to work with 3-6 year olds. 

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