Thursday, December 17, 2009

Community gift

This year, with the idea of community in mind, as the gift for the parents for the holidays we made family portrait refrigerator magnets. We traced 2 inch circles on cardstock, and each child got one circle for each member in their family. For a couple of days, we set a table with a pencil and color pencils for drawing a portrait of each family member in the circles.

I cut out the circles and laminated them, and then glued a small magnet behind each one.

We had our Holiday Picnic on Tuesday morning, and instead of wrapping the little portrait magnets, on our big whiteboard we outlined all of the family trees of the children in our class. It looked so full and pretty!

Each child has such a unique drawing style and the magnets were a success.

Last years gift was a silhouette of each child, and they were beautiful as well. But entirely teacher made. It's nice to give a gift that the children have really made themselves.


Montessori Moments said...

I agree.
What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is truly inspiring!

The Honorable Mention said...

Handmade gifts are truly special and unique. Wonderful idea! I may have to use it as well...thank you for sharing....I really like the wonderful pictures on your blogsite! I can tell you are really about the children!