Saturday, January 19, 2008

Classification Cards

The making of Classification Cards is a never ending project. It is a great moment, when you notice a new interest developing in the children and you can say "I have some cards about that subject." A Montessori teacher should have as many as possible! I've downloaded several sets from sites that offer them for free (of general subjects like "Kitchen Appliances"), and have made many sets on my own (more specific ones like "Birds of Aruba") . The cards are arranged by subject (hence the name), and are used to first introduce the child to the names of familiar objects, and then to the written form of the names of the objects.

I found that simple pouches for each set is the best and easiest way to contain and protect them. The first pocket holds the picture cards and the second holds the labels for reading and matching. The third pocket, holds the picture and attached label (the control card) so that the child can self correct his work. (Sayenne is making the nice felt designs on the outside of the pouches.) When I figure out how, I will post pdf files of the cards that I've made so if anyone is interested in downloading and printing them they can go ahead.

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