Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"The joy of making an effort."

The largest part of my day was spent reading Montessori literature and copying the outstanding quotes into my notebook. When you take Assistants to Infancy training, this is one thing you have to do for many days. When my brain and eyes were full and spilling over, my dog took me for a walk. I share some of the exploits of both activities.

“A higher spirituality can only be reached through action.”

“The one thing life can never do is to stand still.”

“At that early stage, there are things which do not exist at the adult stage, or if they do their manner of existence is quite different. Let us start with one very simple reflection: The child unlike the adult, is not on his way to death. He is on his way to life. His work is to fashion a man in the fullness of his strength. By the time the adult exists, the child has vanished.”

“Only nature, which has established certain laws and determined the needs of the human being in course of development, can dictate the educational method to be followed; for this is settled by its aim- to satisfy the needs and the laws of life.”

“In the fist place it is the intellect or reason which sets us free from the never ending prison of the present moment in which animals live, dominated entirely from moment to moment by their instincts.”

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