Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cultural Exchange Box Project

A teacher recently wrote to me from Chicago and asked if we'd be interested in setting up pen pals with the children at our schools. I've tried that in the past, and because our mail system is so slow and somewhat unreliable with small letters, the children have become quickly discouraged. Not wanting to dismiss this great opportunity I came up with a project that is making me giddy with excitement.

We have 6 eldest children in our school this year (5-6 year olds). Each of them is going to put together a box of items to represent our small Island and school. They will each write a letter, draw a picture, include a class photo and some typical food items, make a flag, and include one souvenir, and perhaps include a recording of what the native language (Papiamento) sounds like.

My big idea is that each of them will exchange their box with a school in a different continent. I have found schools who want to participate from North America (in Chicago), Asia (China), and Europe (Norway). But am still reaching out to anyone interested in exchanging with us from Africa, Oceania, or South America. Is there a teacher out there who would like to sign up for this with us?

Let me know!

The excitement of receiving these boxes from around the world will be such a special occasion for us, and a great way to reach out across the world from our small Island.


Amy said...

What a beautiful idea! It's not something I could participate in but I have teacher friends that I'll pass this on to. They're not Montessori school teachers, but it sounds like a wonderful thing to do with any child. :)

tidbits said...

HI, I don't teach a classroom formally anymore, I am a part time French teacher . But if you are interested in exchanging to Canada I would love to participate.
my email is lsairally at gmail dot com

Sonja said...

That sounds great! I teach a Junior Primary class (3-6) at Margaret River Montessori School in Western Australia. We would love to participate in your Cultural Exchange Box. What a lovely idea. (en ik spreek Nederlands!) Please count us in.

Susanne said...

Hi Sonja, We'd love to exchange with you. We were looking for a school in Oceania to work with. Thank you so much for responding. Please write me an email for more information to: beautifulsunmontessori at gmail dot com. Looking forward to collaborating!

Susanne said...

Hi Tidbits,

Thank you so much for your offer and we might take you up on it! As you know, we are trying to find a school in every continent and this all started with a collaboration with a school in Chicago... so we have contact with North America already. But if we fail to find anyone in another continent we'd love to collaborate with you! I will keep you posted! :)

Pooja said...

this is definitely something the children will enjoy! we would love to participate in the cultural box exchange if you interested in exchanging with our school in india? our website is . do let me know.

Pooja said...

ooops! i just re-read your post and realized that you already have a school from asia ... oh well! ... wishing you and the children a fun and meaningful exchange.

Unknown said...

Hello from Tunisia, North Africa. We are a small Montessori Pre-school and would love to exchange cultural boxes with you. Let us know if you thing we could participate. We do not have a website, but email address is
We are looking forward to hearing from you.