Sunday, March 9, 2008

Slowly, surely.

The building continues the slow process of conversion from forsaken-dilapidation to fabulous-to-be-alma-mater. In the hands of mostly one and a half able construction dudes occasionally inspired by the JW Red Label that is "hidden" in the attic, the work proceeds at a "gentle" pace. I remain unfazed (for now) because there is still Sweden Round 2 to accomplish before the real work can get started.

Left side and right side respectively:
(right side plus the lumber for the construction of the fence to ward off the friendly neighbor's pit bulls)

Fortuitously, I landed a meeting with the Aruban Minister of Education for Thursday. We will establish an open and friendly relationship with the local Education authorities!

On the materials front, I have investigated and compared among several of the sparse Montessori materials companies and have decided to wade the enigmatic waters of "Montessori Outlet" products. Apparently the head of prestigious Nienhuis is collaborating with them to produce premium quality materials ("at an outlet price."). I guess we'll just have to see about that.

I love bouganvilleas- they can overcome the contstant rain of construction rubble and leftover lunch debris and constantly explode in flower.

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