Friday, March 21, 2008

ukranian borsch.

Few are the lucky who get to room with an authentic Ukranian willing to whip up a 15 Liter pot of borsch so that no on else in the house will have to cook for 5 days. Extra lucky are those who get to partake of the borsch while it snows outside their chipper little Swedish home, while watching people's hats and scarves get blasted off outside the window.

Rule #1 for making the borsch: don't mistake your hand for beet.

Quick version recipe of Nelya's Authentic Purple Water with Vegetables (Borsch):
From what I gathered while I watched:

16 large potatoes- diced
8 large beets- 6 diced, 2 grated
2 large onions- chopped
8 carrots- 6 sliced in strips (is that called julienned?), 2 grated
1 large cabbage- same as with carrots
2 cloves of garlic- pressed
lots of chicken stock- 3 bullion cubes

In a colossal pot start to boil the un-grated beets, carrots, onion, potatoes and chicken stock/bullion water.
Fry up with butter in the biggest pan you've got one of the onions, the grated carrots and beets.
When the stuff in the pot has been boiling a really long time, add the fried stuff. Later add the cabbage.
Almost at the end, add the garlic and some salt.

Serve with sour cream.
Makes 15 Liters.

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