Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back Home.

It feels so good to be back home especially with this tropic depression that makes the water so still.

In contrast to the calm waters, there is loads of work to do at the school site. I was very pleasantly surprised with how much has changed since I left in March. With the Assistants to Infancy course completed and eating my dust, I can now immerse myself, mono-project style, in the school.

The electricity is being installed, still today.

As the top parts of the school get polished and finished, we are now trying to figure out what to do with the floors.

The kitchen cabinets are being built. The color of the kitchen is called "King Kamehameha Green".

This is the outside view of the kitchen.

We had a sink installed on the porch, where most of the practical life area exercises will take place.

This is the view of the porch/lunch area from inside the classroom.

I'm thinking of repaving the sidewalks and creating a tricycle path in the garden.

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