Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Small Achievements.

There are days like today, where it feels like the day has been spent predominantly driving across the island doing things related to floor sealants and experiencing abbreviated patience with my own (or others) shortcomings. At the end of the day, I welcome a reminder of my intention to enjoy this process of creation, every arduous element of this learning process. And even in a day of mostly mindless errands gone wrong and lots of car exhaust in the ether there are small achievements worth celebrating.

Today I put up the blinds in my office (I had to do it 3 times before it came out right.)
And I installed our school mailbox.


Stephy's Blog said...

I just heard about your new school in Aruba and am thrilled for you. I hope this was a dream in the distance that has come to flurition. Love to see all of the pictures and what you are creating for young children and minds. Please keep us on your list of people to send new news. Best of luck as you OPEN the doors to your school. Stephanie Schmutz

Anonymous said...

You should write a book! You are awesome!