Thursday, May 1, 2008

Skol to spring.

It has been a long winter. A winter of challenges involving teeth and stomach and other body parts. Of grinding my bottom in a chair for 250 hours of observation. Of re-organizing, re-typing, and re-printing Assistants to Infancy coursework (the sound of the printer now Pavolvs me into an immediate calm stupor). A winter in snow, wind, and rain.

But today, in Sweden, we officially welcome the Spring!

Last night in the company of the sum of the Varbergian villagers, we assisted their pagan ritual of setting a giant mountain of organic debris alight. Instead of burning witches, we intended to burn our recycling paper. In my case, a composite of lecture notes, correction post-its, used up tissues, and medication packaging. In the haste of departure, I forgot my bag at home, alas. So our little motley crew stood by the giant fire's edge, breathing the downwind smoke, watching the blazing rubble and solemnly welcoming the warmth.

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