Friday, June 6, 2008

Montessori and Boatbuilding in Maine

This past week I've been staying at the Hogwarts of wooden boatbuilding, aptly titled the "Wooden Boat School". This iconic school is in Brooklin, Maine- the "wooden boatbuilding capital of the world".

Yair is taking a boatbuilding class with master teachers and I came to learn how to sail small wooden vessels in the calm cold waters of Maine, among other things.

Aside from wooden boat builders, guess what else is in Brooklin, Maine...

The Peninsula Montessori School! I discovered this sweet little school on our drive up to Brooklin and it's where I've ended up spending most of the week. The staff welcomed me like family into their community even though it is their last week of classes and it has been a gift to spend these days with them. Their beautiful environment is brimming with wildlife- they have tadpoles, and parakeets, and little wrens, and children- and lots of beautiful materials. Thank you Elsa, Annie, Katie, and Deb for having me with you!

Here is more of Maine's dangerous wildlife: (don't worry, I tamed these bad boys with lemon and melted butter)

Do people from Maine call themselves "Mainiacs"?

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Pam from Maine said...

No, we don't call OURSELVES maniacs, but I'm sure it's been said before. We prefer the term "Mainers".