Thursday, June 19, 2008


It was no meager errand to comb the entire Broward county collecting and delivering what is to be "the guts" of our school. It was accomplished in due time and without major stress with grateful thanks to the friend and pilot, Ken, who didn't once complain about how his unskilled sidekick (yours truly) apparently suffers from some sort of highway dyslexia (I-75, I-95, 826, 836, Turnpike, and 896- they all look exactly the same to me.)

The spoils, ready to be shipped including most of the Montessori materials, our classroom tables and chairs, books, and lots of other things I can't remember right now:

I will take this opportunity to give a shout out to anyone who simply LOVES to put together IKEA furniture and will be available next weekend. Call me!

Before sending off the boxes, make sure to heed the warning label- it's not a good alternative even though it might be cheaper than purchasing a seat on American Airlines.

All that truckin' deserved another good meal out, Japanese style at Matsuri.

Since we were so expeditious in getting the mission accomplished, there was time to visit the Fairchild Botanical Gardens. These pictures prove that not all of Miami has been turned into a parking lot yet.

Ominous clouds in the lily pool.

This passion flower was as big around as a dinner plate.

I learned that Baobab trees don't have age rings because their bark absorbs so much water it becomes spongy.

Fern displaying "golden ratio":

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ana!

i like your pictures a lot, specially the one with the label child in the box hahhahahaha and very nice diner and garden!!!
i called you a couple of times, not knowing you where not here, i found a great book at home with nice pictures of how to place and wich materials are great for little kids....
see u soon, susan