Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working the phones.

As opposed to most people, I am relishing doing the office work in the actual school office instead of at home. Having established one room of the school will surely (it must) accelerate the process in the rest of the house.

Our materials are in Miami, as is the bulk of the children's furniture (except our lovely shelves, which were home made). I will go meet them next week and make sure they come to us safely and in best condition. Once it is here, the heart (staff) and soul (the materials) of the school will be ready to function in unison- like some kind of great Montessori creature! Then we'll welcome all of you to our Open House!

PS. The sailboats mobile was originally intended for the classroom, but it brings me such nice memories of Maine that I've decided to keep it next to me while I work.

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