Monday, June 16, 2008

Quality Control- Miami

I arrived in Miami this morning to begin my 2 day quality control post concerning our materials and furniture (which is yet to be gotten: that is tomorrow's adventure). Lo and behold the wonderful sight of myriads of boxes full of our school materials! (I couldn't back up enough out of the door to take a picture that would include the other boxes stacked up high against the other wall.) In my life, today was Christmas.

To top off the fun time (really, it was fun) cross checking orders and shipments, my friend Ken and I had dinner at Izakaya- the Japanese restaurant down the street. Plain looking but super yummy- grilled rainbow trout with green onions, chili paste and ponzu sauce:

And for dessert, a big steamy glob of hot mochi with red bean filling. This was a new experience for me. Hot mochi. Extra sticky. Super mochiy.

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