Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clock cards.

I should have made these forever ago, but today was the day. This is the first exercise with the clock cards- for telling time to the hour. After presenting the clock to the child, giving a 3 period lesson on the hands of the clock, and noticing the numbers on the face of the clock, I explain how to tell time to the hour. Then I present THESE cards to be worked with just like with other Reading Classification cards. You can print them and draw in the hands with a black felt tip marker and then laminate them on your lovely little Xyron 900 laminating machine.


Unknown said...

Thank you,

MarĂ­a from sunny Sweden

melissa said...

A few children in my class have been very interested in clock work lately and one did a very exciting work today - combining clock work from the math area with a concept of time activity I would generally place in the cultural area.

She used our clock stamp ( to make a timeline of her day. At the top, she stamped a clock and drew in the hands to make it read 6:00. Beside that she wrote "At 6'O Clock, I wake up. Below that she continued, noting when she eats breakfast, comes to school, etc.

Thanks for sharing your cards!