Sunday, March 1, 2009


We took a hiatus from the classroom work on Friday and took a trip to the beach instead. I have found that taking a day and devoting it exclusively to enjoyment, out of our regular routine and location, offers our group a moment for a different kind of bonding. We swam, built sand castles, ate snack and lunch together under a shady tree, and I even brought my soft surfboard for the children to try. During our beach day there were no squabbles, no one got upset, everyone was happy and interacting joyfully. When we have done this in the past, the children come back to school the following week seemingly refreshed and eager to get back to the normal routine. As do the teachers, naturally. It restores the freshness to the group.

There is something about a day like this where it is easy to focus only on what is happening in the moment, to just be in the sunshine, or under the shady tree, in the company of children.

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