Saturday, March 7, 2009

Resistance is Futile. Giving in to each moment- no matter what it brings.

Sometimes after I gripe or grieve even minimally to Yair about something regarding my work, he says to me "Sweetheart, that's all part of your work." I've been thinking about those words.

I am realizing that I sometimes resist certain parts of my work. Sometimes I feel resistance towards situations in the classroom (especially when I don't understand why they are happening), bathroom episodes with children, unkempt closets, dust on the shelves, some phone calls to parents. Yesterday I was washing cups in the kitchen at the end of the day, and I realized that I was feeling a small resistance to having to do so much clean-up at the end of every day. I remembered the words, "it is all part of the work".

Being a Montessori directress in my case involves doing all of those things. One activity cannot be without the rest, they are all necessary, integrated, interdependent. Setting limits with a child is as important as giving a lesson (wait, it IS giving a lesson!), preparing the environment, helping a child become independent with the use of the toilet, keeping parents informed of the manner of activity of their child, all are equally important. When I resist any of these small activities, I am putting myself at odds with what is actually happening.

If I am trying to hurry over one aspect, the rest are diminished. If I am aware during all phases of the work, present, listening, open, then all the work is enlightened. The work is not just a practice, each moment is my life.

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