Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rocking it.

Friday we visited the Ayo Rock Formations. It is one of my favorite places in Aruba. There is a really stunning trail that you can take that climbs up and descends under boulders, but when I walked it the day prior to our trip was I dismayed to find dozens of active paper wasp nests inside the tunnels. Too many extreme mental images of the possibilities of walking with the children in the wasp infested darkness drove me to the conclusion that we'd skirt the boulders instead of walk through them.

We did climb onto a tall flat boulder and did a silence exercise with the stunning view of the formations before us. The children could choose to sit in silence with their eyes open or closed.

We had made rock identification booklets in advance, and at the end of our walk took them out and marked the rocks that we'd seen. The images were taken from the Rocks and Minerals classification cards- the children cut out printed images of the rocks and pasted them in little booklets and then wrote or pasted labels for them.

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